Microbial Formation & Development In Fuels

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The polarity of the motor fuel in a magnetic field without changing the behavior of organic molecules could mean I ll help you. First, you must know the concept of an energy field. We oppose every minute we are living in a kind of energy is the gravitational field. Any reason to have a mass of bodies that have a mass of other objects for each field has a shot. The power of this act or a mass amount of distance that separates them is optional. Having such a great mass of the sun or the Earth s gravitational field of a body which is spread in all directions, but only within a certain portion of that field by other bodies “is felt.” The source of gravitational energy, it s the reason why there is not an issue that can be easily explained, but it s there that we know through experience. Another of the energy has spread into space without any mechanical connection of another kind of energy field is the magnetic field. What we know about magnetic fields, our knowledge about the gravitational field is different. Magnetic energy, the electron spin of all the substances contained in the basic way that we know the result through. This constant movement of electrons, called quantum mechanics of mathematics, a branch is described by, but for the average reader in this text as written will not talking about it. Stable atoms and molecules in the universe stable in most of the many pairs of electrons are moving wildly.


One of the electrons in an electron pair in one direction, while the other rotates in the opposite direction. These regulations have balanced the pairs of electrons in an external magnetic activity do not show any, because in a direction of rotation in the other direction to eliminate the effect of rotational motion. A magnetic field, such as the nucleus of an iron bar magnet, or the world in a large number of bodies have unpaired electrons in the event that will occur in the same direction of rotation. The effect of this unpaired electron is transmitted through the other bodies in space attract another electron. Becoming bar magnet or a magnetic field creates a magnetic core of the world. The impact of humankind for centuries been a magnet, but it did not fully understand how and why it occurred.


A magnetic field extends over a finite space. In contact with this magnetic field, electrons in atoms of matter, energy transfer via a remote magnetic field may be affected by energy. Most is known about magnets in a magnetic field is related to polar substances. For example, a metal in a magnetic field to return the mechanical energy is used, an electron flow (electricity) is created and converted to mechanical energy into electrical energy. In an electric motor, moving the electron energy is converted into mechanical energy. Metals or polar inorganic and organic substances, even kutumsal regarding behavior in a magnetic field were conducted on many other examples. But we are concerned about here is completely related to polar substances, where no regular pairs of electrons are not included in the balance. Composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms of a hydrocarbon fuel that contains molecules, they are what is known as covalent bonds are collected by such bonds in a single atom with a neighboring atom will share an electron pair. Two carbon atoms share two electrons, and thus they hold each other.


Every carbon atom can be connected in four different ways. For example, a particular carbon atom, forming a ring in a chain of carbon atoms in the other two to create a synergy based on the share. Moreover, these same carbon atom with two hydrogen atoms will also create a shared partnership. CC or CH bonds and double bonds he shared one is composed of atoms. Normally, each of the two-electron covalent bonds, but turned performs balanced. Gasoline, diesel fuels and related materials in non-polar molecules in a “normal” features, these electrons return to the balanced existence of chemical bonds are based.


Frozen or solidified liquid that can evaporate into gas, think of the properties. We will mention here a particular characteristic of any hydrocarbon boiling or freezing temperatures will have a lower characteristic temperature. Non-branched hydrocarbon chains in series, as well as melting point, boiling point, molecular weight or the number of carbon atoms in the chain will increase as a function of. The larger molecules, the boiling temperature and the higher the temperature is freezing. Normally liquid fuels, with various sizes are a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules.
Freezing (melting) point and boiling point between the holding and the energy pulsating and each other factor molecules from one another, permanently transfer the liquid fuel, break the molecules of a gas as a fly away to the energy situation close to the will. The other molecules, like molecules with another of their “to hug each other” and thus create a large lump of solid material began to allow the energy situation will be next.


Solids in the liquid mixture emerging as more than an extraordinary number of large molecules linked together with a diesel fuel to consider. Such a liquid-solid mixture of emerging into a strong magnetic field, we consider set. The energy of the magnetic field, some, perhaps only a few pairs of electrons rotating in the opposite direction to make parallel turns will cause. Molecules parallel to the return side of the molecule, and they will be shown next to a stranger simply “will not put.” Therefore, the solidification process will be interrupted. Numerous liquid “solid” near “particles will be.


This situation normally collected on a filter with small amounts of solid paraffin can find some low-quality fuel. In this case a significant amount of microscopic particles in the filters “will become blind.” Same fuel, after trading in a magnetic field easily passes from the filter. In this case, microscopic portions of solid paraffin, or does not crumble. This type of magnetic device was used during the GOO-FAR have been observed in many cases. Even this alone GOO-FAR constitute a valid reason for inserting the device.


Now a source of ignition, there is plenty of oxygen and high temperature fuel pumped into a combustion chamber suppose. If a molecule is already a bit with some of the parallel electron current has been activated, all couples with electrons spinning in opposite directions and are of the same type of molecules compared with slightly more prone to oxidation will be faster. This test circuit in the fuel used in the cause of a GOO-FAR magnetic devices with lower fuel consumption is a particular description horsepower produced.


And increased filtering capability as well as the fuel more efficiently in terms of, GOO-FAR fuel processing equipment used in the case observed the results of a logical explanation, the magnetic field of hydrocarbons in some (too many, although not enough) covalent bonds the electrons return to their profession.

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