Unexpected Things In The Fuel

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After the establishment of a microbial population, fuel quality deteriorates very rapidly. Below is blurred, as described in general terms, not according to specifications, corrosion, degradation of additives such as filter clogging and circumstances may occur. All these problems are directly caused by microorganisms or their by-products are concerned.


Fuel blur: This value does not comply with specifications of the fuel is a clear indication. The main cause of turbidity, the amount of water in the bio-fuel production can be caused by surface-active substances. These microbial products are an evolution of the split, and fuel / water surface tension to alter the joints. As a result, increase the water solubility in the fuel.


Degradation of Additives:
Some additives, especially nitrogen and / or phosphorus-rich ones, encourage microbial growth. Deteriorates over time and therefore the effects of additives will be lost.


Started as microbial corrosion:
Hydrogen sulfide, sulfur reducing bacteria are caused. This is mixed into solution and is highly corrosive to the fuel tank and pipes can cause serious pitting.


Sludge Formation: Microbial build up in a thick mud layer at the bottom of the store creates. This sludge, which started as microbial corrosion creates an environment. In addition, microorganisms can live away from the pollution and environment of the store if each use will function as an infection of the slot.


Occlusion of the filter:
Biological polymers, microbial growth occurs during the Games. They are sakyzymsy and microbial products and other residues accumulate on pipes with filters and reduces the flow rate and cause blockages. This end-user level to serious consequences and even worse, sometimes the engine failure may cause the engine completely.


In microbial fuel was often a problem with the foul stench is. This is basically a mixture of hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria which reduce sulphate is due.


Other Factors Affecting Microbial Contamination


And contaminate a wide variety of disorders microbial fuel despite the occurrence of some fuels were found to be sensitive to them than others. For example, the proper chain paraffins and olefins to aromatics than are perishable.


Storage time and conditions are also important. If, as a strategic reserve stored in the fuel is not being changed frequently, so are more likely to be more of a mess of. The maintenance is poor or the grime of the old storage facilities allow for the large. Encountered in most cases, fuel-water interfaces, as well as microbial dirty, hold on to the tank walls have been detected in the presence of an adjacent population. This condition is often ignored. But not resolve this situation, we will create a favorable environment for the future of grime.

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