WPS Fuel Filters and Water Separators

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( With Reusable , Clenable Unique Filter Elements )

GOO-FAR - FUEL FILTER AND WATER SEPARATOR for diesel Water Separator and Fuel Filter for light Diesel Fuel. An entirely new unique system to ensure 100% solution to the problem of water and particulate in fuel. No replacement of filter (cartridge) required.

We are pleased to introduce GOO-FAR , the next generation Water Separator and Fuel Filter for light Diesel Fuel from Turkey.

Both water and particulate matter can result in high wear and tear of fuel pumps and injectors, resulting in reduced reliability, higher fuel consumption and expensive engine repairs. Traditional engine mounted filters and low cost gravity based water separators will not effectively remove water from the fuel. Such filters and separators tend to fail and in many occasions, they are bypassed, throwing the engine open to premature wear and tear - which is very expensive.

GOO-FAR Fuel filters & Water separator system offers a total solution to this problem through unique design involving a first in the world filter. The unique feature of this filter is that you do not have to replace filters (Cartridge) for several years. This is now available in Turkey and worldwide with our distributors.




GOO-FAR will ensure supply of 100% water free and clean diesel to the fuel injection system and engine.




Following are the advantages of using GOO-FAR Fuel filters and Water separator system on your engine


  1. It would clean and improve your fuel system.
  2. Will keep your fuel tank, engine and injectors clean.
  3. Combustion of the fuel would be much better- which would lead to fuel efficiency.
  4. Will reduce emissions.
  5. Will reduce exhaust temperatures.
  6. Will reduce consumption of filters by more than 90-95 %. This means less disposable of fuel filters. A must for making your company environment friendly.
  7. The filter (cartridge) of GOO-FAR filter is made of stainless steel with proprietary chemicals coated on it. The life of these is very long. We suggest no replacement for two years. In case the filter is blocked it can be taken out washed gently in diesel and reinstalled.



  • Available in different sizes for up to 200 HP, up to 600 HP, up to 1200 HP engine. Higher HP engines can also be serviced.
  • Compact size, two inlet ports, simple installation.
  • High separation efficiency of water contained in the fuel. Very simple draining system of separated water.
  • The filter can be cleaned when blocked- very easily -requires no tools.
  • We thus request you to install GOO-FAR Water separators on your diesel driven equipment and enjoy the benefits of getting water free diesel.
  • Goo-Far WPS Separators efficiently remove water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks.
  • The WPS performs this function with neverending filter elements which just need to be cleaned randomly. Simply drain the collected water, sediments and sludge by opening the valve on the bottom of the unit.
  • WPS separators remove up to 100 % of solid contaminants (down to approximately 20 microns) and 100 % visible water, including emulsified water that may be in the fuel.
  • WPS Fuel Filters / Water Separators systems are constructed of Special Alloy Aluminium case in which contains a Special Stainless Steel Neverending Filter Element exist. They are equipped a drain valve and stainless steel bolds.

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